Inventory Listing - Mold Heaters

Mold Heaters

Mold heaters are used in the injection molding industry and come in a wide variety of models including coil, cartridge and tubular heaters.. All of these mold heaters are used to ensure consistency and quality in the plastics molding and manufacturing process.

Plastics One:  Mold Heaters and Temperature Control Units:


At Plastics One, we’ve been actively buying and selling quality new and used mold heaters and other machinery from the world’s leading manufacturers since 1975. Through our unparalleled experience and commitment, we’ve established ourselves as the leading reliable source for orderly and professional transactions when buying or selling used machines such as mold heaters.

Please contact us today to discuss your molder heating needs. We’re prepared to equip you with the equipment you need from the world’s leading manufacturers.