Inventory Listing - Grinders

Grinders are used in the plastics industry to deal with plastic scrap, plastic extrusion overruns, post consumer plastics, purging materials and any other unwanted materials from the manufacturing process. With the proper grinders, producers in the plastics industry are able to recycle plastics materials such as HDPE, LDPE, PVC and PET to name a few. Recycling is simple with the right grinders.

At Plastics One, we’ve been actively buying and selling new and used machinery including grinders from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our unparalleled experience and commitment in the industry has established us as a leading source for buying or selling used machines. You can rely on us to help you buy or sell, new or used grinders for the plastics industry.

All of the machines posted in our inventory are available and most can be delivered immediately.

Our Grinder Inventory


Currently, we have 15HP, 460V Conair Batch Feed Granulators with a 10x16 throat opening. These grinders feature a 3/8 inch screen, 9 bladed segmented rotors and are in excellent condition. They’re ready to run. We also have 100HP, 480V Nelmor, 30x30 Scrap Grinders with Feed Conveyor. This grinder features a 31.5x29.5 inch cutting chamber, open rotor 5 blade angle cut and 2 bed knives. It includes an integrated incline feeder conveyor.

Please contact us for more information on our grinder inventory or to enquire about any products not listed here. 

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Thumbnail Size Title Make Model
8 by 14 inches 5 horsepower Conair JC 814 Grinder Conair JC 814
6 by 11 inches Conair Rapid 611 Conair- Rapid 611
4 HP Polymer Systems SS117 Beside the Press Granulator Polymer Systems Granulator SS117