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Industrial Chillers

Chillers are cooling systems used to remove heat from one element and transfer it to another. Generally, chillers are compressor-based cooling systems and consist of a temperature controller, recirculating pump and reservoir. The controller is used to regulate the chiller’s operation.

These systems provide stable temperatures, flow and pressure throughout a wide variety of manufacturing processes. In the plastics industry, chillers are used primarily for cooling hot plastic that is blown, extruded, injected or stamped. Chillers are also sometimes used to cool down manufacturing equipment.  

Our Range of Industrial Chillers


Plastics One offers a wide variety of chillers to meet the demands of the plastics manufacturing industry. Our current inventory is shown below.  If you have other specific requirements which are not shown, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Thumbnail Size Title Make Model
10 Ton Mokon WS10 10 Ton Water Cooled Portable Chiller-2 available! Mokon WS10